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Felicity Jones is the queen in white


They are the king and the queen of the silver screen.

And they certainly looked the part as the main attraction at 'An Evening With Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones' at the Times Center in NYC on Wednesday.

Indeed, the British stars' colour choices were appropriate for the event sponsored by The New York Times newspaper - with Eddie in black and Felicity in white.

Felicity Jones wowed in her white silk frock at 'An Evening With Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones' at the Times Center in NYC on Wednesday

Felicity, 31, cut a svelte figure in her winter white silk cheap formal dresses australia with three-quarter length arms.

She paired it with silver and white heels and wore her short brunette hair in a side-parting.

Eddie, 32, looked as handsome as always in his darker attire, which featured a black sweater with a navy collar poking out.

The pair looked great together as they posed with a hand in one pocket.

The pair have been promoting their new film, The Theory of Everything, which has caused quite a bit of hype

A long round of promotion work of two people, because they have been promoting his new film, the theory of everything.

Oscar buzz has circulation performance of Stephen Hawking biopic.

Eddie always such a challenging role, the Associated Press that it is a daunting process of respected physicist.

'That fear remained the whole way through the process,' the actor explained.

Before adding: 'He [Stephen] was given a death sentence. So you live every single moment to the full, and that's what I wanted an audience to leave with. That's what I left this experience with.'

Eddie has always been honest about taking on such a challenging role and said was an intimidating process portraying the respected physicist Stephen Hawking

Felicity paired her sophisticated dress with silver and white heels

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While director James Marsh sung Eddie's praises. 'He was just full of ideas and passion for this. He knew somewhat what this might entail in terms of preparation and physicality.'

'Eddie's crazily ambitious. He's not ambitious for money or fame. He's ambitious to do great work. He's fearless, too. It was a real leap into the dark for him,' James said.

The film, directed by James Marsh, follows Stephen in his university days and when he fell in love with his first wife Jane Wilde – played by Felicity - before he gets the heartbreaking diagnosis of motor neuron disease.

Also starring British actors Emily Watson, David Thewlis and Charlie Cox, Theory Of Everything will hit cinemas on January 1, 2015.




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