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Tips for choosing the perfect bridesmaid dresses online


Selecting your bridesmaids’ dresses is one of the major decisions you will make as you plan your wedding. For some ladies, it is also among the most stressful activities. Finding a bridesmaid dresses online style or design that is satisfactory and flattering to all of your bridesmaids forces you to balance their wishes and needs with your own vision for your wedding day. It can be a challenge — but following a few key tips can make the process easier.

A-line Sweetheart White and Black Knee-length Satin Bridesmaid Dress

Take a look at your own dress. Think about your wedding gown and the overall theme or style of your wedding. Is it modern, traditional or something all your own? Whatever it is, it’s important to make sure that your bridesmaids’ dresses fit stylistically. If you’re wearing a bohemian lace gown at the ceremony, your maids will look odd standing beside you in formal taffeta dresses. Keeping everything to a similar tone is crucial.

Elegant Column Drap Cap Sleeves Long Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress

Next, think about color. For example, taupe and blush are trendy bridesmaid dress colors right now. However, they don’t suit every skin tone, which could leave some of your ladies unhappy. You might try asking your maids if there is a color they hate on themselves. If you limit your search to dress colors that make the grade with all or most of your bridesmaids, you may be able to eliminate a problem before it arises.

Elegant Strapless Knee-length Purple Satin Bridesmaid Dress

Similarly, color is also important when you consider the season and time of day. The date of the wedding should certainly be a factor in your wedding day decisions. Consider winter and fall tones, spring shades and summer splashes of color as well as the rising and falling temperatures to help guide your bridesmaid dress choices. Search for colors, materials and cuts that are appropriate for the specific season of your wedding. The differences between day and evening nuptials should also be kept in mind.

A-line Strapless Ruffle Floor-length Purple Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress

Finally, mix it up — but with a unifying theme. One of the hottest, current bridesmaid dress trends is almost certainly the simplest way to satisfy everyone. Brides are increasingly opting for a common, uniting theme for a variety of dresses rather than actually requiring everyone to wear the same dress. For example, all of the garments may be the same color or have a common embellishment that makes them look similar, but they are not identical dresses. This trend allows for a great deal of flexibility, which will no doubt please your maids.

Appealing A-line Strapless Ruching Ruffle Short Purple Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress

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